Now, we aren’t claiming to be top master chefs. But, when it comes to Breakfast, we’d like to think we have picked up a trick or two along the way when it comes to the simpler dishes.

The fried egg is one of those things that seems like the pinnacle of simplicity, however its very easy to mess it up and end up with a withered white mess and a pool of broken yolk. Not a great way to start the morning.

This must be avoided at all costs so here are some tried-and-tested methods for how DIY Brunchers can make the perfect fried egg! 

Tip #1: Leave them out of the fridge!

If eggs are kept in the fridge, you are more likely to end up overcooking the yolk trying to get the white to set. When it comes to frying, the fresher the eggs the better.

Fresh Eggs are Best

Tip #2: Use coconut oil or Frylight

Oil, although tasty, is often the main culprit of a messy fried egg and making the white of your egg crispy and brown. Instead of reaching for your usual kitchen cupboard oil, try using a low-calorie cooking spray such as Frylight, as it helps to keep your egg looking fluffy and white. If you crave something a bit thicker, we also recommend trying out coconut oil.

Tip #3: Crack the egg close to the pan

The most obvious, yet not so obvious of our top tips; but we find that cracking the egg as close to the pan means it has less height to drop and splatter into the pan, which can cause the white to spread about more and become thin rather than big and fluffy.

Messy Egg

Tip #4: High heat

This is a good tip if you ever overcook your eggs and find the yolk starts to harden. Start by making sure the pan is hot before the egg goes in, and then continue to cook at a high temperature for 30 seconds before turning down to a medium heat for another minute. You should find that the egg will cook more evenly and manage to heat through to the top earlier on in the cooking process. Fascinating, huh?

Tip #5: Steam that baby!

Probably our favourite top tip is steaming your egg. Get a lid or a big plate to place on top of your frying pan to bring the heat to the top to cook the egg white all over. Keep checking your egg every 10-15 seconds to ensure you don’t overcook it though!

Perfect Egg

And voila! Our top tips should have you well on your way to mastering the fried egg and soon becoming the king or queen of the Breakfast scene. Let us know if you have any other secret top tips on creating a picture-perfect fried egg! Because sharing is caring.