Happy New Year! A Bloody Mary Brunch recipe for 2019

You’ll need:

200 ml tomato juice

50ml Vodka of your choice (we like Grey Goose)

4 dashes of Tabasco

½ tsp of lemon juice

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Sprinkle of salt


Celery stick

A shaker/ stirring glass



Add half of each ingredient (except the lemon juice)  to the cocktail glass and fill with ice.

In a separate glass add the other half, plus lemon juice,  and stir vigorously. Add the mixture to the cocktail glass and stir again.

Add the celery stick and voila – your tasty New Year’s cocktail awaits you.

The more adventurous out there can add pickles and smoky bacon for garnish, just pile them on a cocktail stick and lay on top for an ultra-Instagrammable effect.