American Pancakes
Pancake Day: American Pancake Recipe

These pancakes are CHUNKY and best served in stacks. The recipe recommends serving them with maple syrup, butter and blueberries which is delicious, but we also suggest adding a bit of bacon on there for that divine sweet/salty juxtaposition.
Check out the recipe here.


Classic French Crepes

Pancake Day: French Crepe RecipeLemon and sugar. Nutella and strawberries. Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple and the humble French crepe needs no dressing up - just stick with the classic toppings.
Read the recipe here.


Savoury Breton Pancakes

Pancake Day: Breton Savoury Pancake RecipeMade with buckwheat, these square crepes hail from Northern France. Known as gallettes de sarrasin, they are often served with ham and cheese with an egg on top.
Get the recipe here.

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