Let's doff our cap to the breakfast stalwart. The item that's always there for us in our time of need when we just can't decide what to have the first thing of a morning. No matter what your mood, you'll always be satisfied by a slice of toast! But, what is your go to topping? 


You haven’t got time for fussing with any extravagant toppings as you’re too busy living your life and going about your day to care.  


We all loved this favoured topping once upon a time. But now you’re 27 and still living at your parents’ house. It’s about time you matured your taste buds and moved onto new things. 


Beans On Toast

Trustworthy, reliable: you are the one that people go to when they're in a crisis and need stability and a wise piece of advice.

Peanut Butter 

You prefer the simpler things in life, like enjoying your toast with a hot cup of coffee and a good book. Some may say you're quiet, but really you just like to take everything in and don't feel the need to fill the silence with white noise.


Nutella On Toast

A little bit basic but super loveable, you've most likely just said 'screw it' to your diet and are fully preparing to dive straight into the rest of the jar after finishing off your slice of toast.


You're fairly health-conscious and someone who enjoys the gym. You most definitely only eat brown toast with your banana.


Avocado Photo For Instagram on Tripod

Your priority in life is  providing your 542 Instagram followers with a live commentary of how your day is progressing. Sometimes, you'll add a poached egg to the avocado on toast medley and get the perfect boomerang of you popping the yolk. Dreamy.

Fried Egg

 You're a party guy or girl who's here for a good time not a long time, and you're definitely partial to some bacon with your egg on toast. 


 A fool who hasn’t discovered a toastie maker, because cheese on toast is nothing until it’s pressed between two slices of bread with triangle markings stamped into it. This, however, is totally untrue if you do add beans to your cheesy toast, in which case - see above!


People either love you or hate you (of course), because you’re an opinionated, strong-willed person who isn’t afraid to rock the boat.


Dry Toast no Butter

Psycho alert!