Hosted by Dave Burt and Celeste Wong, the London Coffee Festival provides a perfect platform for the hospitality and coffee community to connect during these unprecedented times.

Starting at 9:30am, the free video stream features more than 60 engaging, entertaining and educational events showcasing the best the London coffee scene has to offer.

Divided into 4 separate sessions, this fun event will include talks from industry leading figures, including Michelin star chef Jason Atherton and Masterchef judge Monica Galetti, who will be taking a look at ‘Stories of Sustainability, Gastronomy and Opportunities,’ in a chat presented by Lavazza.

Other exciting events include Masterclasses on how to make the perfect specialty coffee at home and a digital tour through some of London’s best coffee shops.

There will also be a fringe event running across 17th & 18th April, which will include free online events hosted by coffee experts, brands and creators on their own platforms.

If you want to join the coffee celebration, then you can sign up for your free tickets here.

See here for the full festival line-up