All about the bread!

Whilst white sliced bread works just fine-why settle for average? If you’re planning on perfecting this Brunch classic, try using thickly cut brioche to create golden slices of heaven!

Flippin’ success

French Toast is best made when the bread is a little more on the stale side. This will prevent a disastrous mid-flip, fall apart situation, resulting in a soggy mess. No one needs that kind of stress on a lazy Sunday morning!

Patience is a virtue

We know when wrapped up in a French Toast frenzy, it’s tempting to give the bread a quick dunk in the egg mixture and throw it straight in the pan. If you can hold out, leave it to soak in the mixture for around 15 minutes for optimum spongy goodness, - trust us, it’s worth the wait!

Too hot to handle

Another common hurdle at which many a Bruncher has fallen, is cranking up the heat too high- resulting in a burnt on the outside, soggy on the inside mess. To ensure perfectly cooked French Toast all the way through, be sure to use a medium heat for 3-4 minutes on each side.

Get creative

Not much competes with the simple pleasure of the perfect plate of French Toast drenched in maple syrup! But if the adventurous side of you occasionally takes over, why not try out one of these mouth-watering variations-

Tasty French Toast Recipes to try at home:

Deliciously indulgent  Chocolate and Banana French Toast

Go all out with Salted Caramel French Toast

For a savoury treat try Parmesan French Toast