Normally, the day is filled with Irish bars, big hats and as much Guinness as you can possibly gorge on. This year's is going to be a bit different - but there are still ways to pay tribute to the Irish patron saint in style from the comforts of your home. So, to celebrate, we thought we'd provide you with a barrelful of Irish Brunch recipes for how you can get the day started properly.

Ulster Fry


First up, the big dog: the Ulster Fry, will put some hair on your chest. Northern Ireland's interpretation of the Full English is the perfect greasy, meaty morning fix to start your St Patrick's Day right. If you thought the full English was indulgent enough, the Ulster Fry is spruced up with the carbalicious addition of potato farls and soda bread!  This recipe from Lavender and Lovage has omitted sausages to create a lighter dish, but if you're feeling indulgent then why not add it in the porky treat to get the day started in true decadent style. Get the recipe here

Irish potato pancakes

Irish Potato Pancakes Recipe This one's for the potato lovers! Boxty is a mainstay of the Irish diet and is typically eaten on February 1st to honour St Bridget’s Day. This recipe blends raw and mashed potato for a super generous dose of carbs and is mixed with buttermilk to give it a smooth, creamy texture.

Corned beef hash 

undefinedA great meal at any time of day, corned beef hash makes for a lovely Brunch dish when topped with a runny poached egg, plus it takes just 30 minutes to rustle up and can be made in huge batches to feed the whole family. Get the recipe here

Irish soda bread muffins 


This recipe breaks away from tradition slightly (it’s usually served as a loaf) but these muffins are a great bitesize way of enjoying Irish soda bread. You can adapt the recipe to add your favourite ingredients, though the classic combination of currants and raisins is always a treat. Get the recipe here

Guinness and chocolate waffles


For the sweet tooth amongst us, why not spruce up your chocolate waffles with the addition of Guinness? The big stout perfect brings out the flavour of sweet food and compliments the bitterness of chocolate wonderfully. Get the recipe here

Irish Breakfast Shot

Bypass breakfast altogether and swig this delicious shot instead. It’s what St Patrick would have wanted…