American Pancakes

undefinedThey’re the sweetheart of the American Breakfast. Thick, fluffy and sweet – nothing beats the States when it comes to pancakes. We recommend trying this blueberry pancake recipe or keeping it simple by whipping up plain buttermilk pancakes with a pat of butter, lashings of maple syrup and perhaps a crispy slice of streaky bacon on top.

Check out the recipe here

Dutch Baby

undefinedAlternatively, go for a Dutch Baby. They don’t make many appearances on this side of the pond, but we can vouch that they are the fabulous American fusion of pancake and Yorkshire pudding that you didn’t know you needed.

Here's a great recipe

Bagel and Lox

undefinedAn NYC classic. Bagels are enjoyed all around the world, but their origins lie in Jewish culinary culture and many Jewish people still pair their bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese on a Sunday.  If you can’t afford the flight to visit an authentic New York deli or street vendor, then follow this delicious bagel recipe and top them with thick cuts of smoked fish and cream cheese. Or just buy a pack!

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Breakfast Burrito

undefinedAn essential Los Angeles Breakfast item, the breakfast burrito’s beauty lies in its infinitive flexibility. Settling on a recipe was tricky as you can really chuck anything you want in, but we settled on a hash brown breakfast roll doused in hot sauce that's sure to cure any hangover.

Follow the recipe here


undefinedNo, we don’t just mean pop into McDonalds - though we certainly wouldn’t judge you. Here’s a great recipe to rustle up your own Sausage and Egg McMuffin, because Maccy’s is about as American as it can get.

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Biscuits and Gravy

undefinedThe mysterious American biscuit. What actually is it? While it’s no hobnob that can be dipped into a cup of tea, the American biscuit is a tasty scone-like bake that pairs well with savoury sauces. In this recipe, these American biscuits are paired with a meaty gravy. Give it a try – biscuits and gravy are a classic Breakfast in the South of the United States.

Here's the recipe 

Cinnamon rolls

undefinedFor a seriously sweet breakfast, try out these cinnamon rolls. Americans love their Cinnabons and it’s no surprise - these sticky buns are rolled with a mouth-watering brown sugar and cinnamon filling that sits under a thick blanket of vanilla cream cheese glaze. Drooling! 

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