Reindeer Pancakes 

Reindeer Christmas Pancakes Bacon Maple Syrup Waffles

This one is a great idea for kids and can be jazzed up with added extras including maple syrup or strawberries for the red nose. You could even make a snowman version with whipped cream!

Get the recipe here.

Spiced Stollen Swirl Buns

Spiced Swirl Cinnamon Buns Christmas Breakfast

Sweet and crunchy, these festive buns are perfect for a light bite that won't fill you too much before the main event and go perfectly with a cuppa!

We've got the perfect recipe, here.

Gingerbread Pancakes

Christmas Gingerbread Pancakes Christmas Breakfast

Light, soft and fluffy. These gingerbread pancakes are the perfect appetiser to start your Christmas feasting.

Here's a truly festive recipe to try out!

Poached Eggs and Spinach with Smoked Salmon

Poached Eggs with Spinach and Smoked Salmon Christmas

It's a classic Breakfast dish, but there's no better time to have smoked salmon than Christmas day! 

We're not sure you need a recipe for this one, but here's one, should you need it!

Nutmeg and Cinnamon Waffles

Cinnamon Nutmeg Waffles Christmas BreakfastNutmeg and cinnamon; the perfect Christmas spice combo! If you're wanting to have this perfect aroma while you dance around your house at Christmas then we recommend this recipe.

Check it out, here!