However, we know that January is a month of new beginnings, where you castigate your old self for a new, better version. And, we’re presuming the new you probably isn’t quite ready to slip back into the old habits just yet.

In order for you to carry on the annual health kick, we thought we’d round up a whole host of healthy breakfast recipes tried and tested by the Bruncher team to give you some inspiration on how to make a treat breakfast, while still being easy on the ol’ waistline.

Super spinach pancakes

This recipe is not too tricky to whip up and is delightfully green so you know its good for you. Featuring avocado, spinach and an excellent chilli kick, this will be the prefect way to start off your weekend. See here for full recipe info.

Peach, ginger and blueberry overnight oats

One of the buzz dishes of the last decade deserves its place in the 2020’s. Overnight Oats is a simple way to fill your stomach and this recipe from Tesco means you don’t scrimp on any of that fruity flavour. All you need is a little foresight to prepare this the night before. A worthy sacrifice for a wonderful, healthy breakfast. Get the recipe here


Look, we haven’t ran out of ideas and are just adding breakfast classics for the sake of it. The breakfast waffle is a sacred cornerstone of a Bruncher’s diet and it can be as decadent as you choose. Delish have rounded up a wonderfully low carb version including bananas, almond butter and quinoa flour that gives all the tasty waffle flavour without any of the sins. Get the recipe here.

Mushroom hash with poached eggs

Get 3 of your 5 a day with your very first meal in the morning with this delicious dish that ticks all the boxes for those Brunchers looking to maintain their healthy Januarys. Get the recipe here

Apple and cinnamon porridge

The best thing about porridge for breakfast is adding all your favourite toppings. Delicious Magazine has combined creamy oats with cinnamon and apple for a real morning treat. See here for full details.