Welcoming Single Ladies, Baby Boys and Naughty Girls alike, this all-day Beyonceathon (it’ll be added by Oxford Dictionary one day, mark my words) is set to hit London on 1st June 2019 onwards...

It’s to be held at a top-secret location but what we can guarantee is five hours of non-stop Destiny’s Child, Beyonce classics and 90s R’n’B bangers, alongside live performances, a Bey Hive dance troupe, 1 hour of bottomless booze and of course, a 2-course Brunch.

Dishes are likely to start off with French pastries and muffins to whet your appetite, before moving on to gourmet sliders, fries and hot sauce (not in a bag, but definitely swag).

This is one for the gal pals so bring along your Michelles, Kellys and Solanges, throw on your best Freakum Dress and dance the day away.

The hottest event to end the summer on, this themed bash is likely to sell out fast so make sure you book now to avoid disappointment.

Tickets start at £55.00 per person.